Monday, March 27, 2006

"Hindi Astavadhani" Dr. Chebolu Seshagiri Rao

The Enduring vitality of the spirit of India reflected in its cultural and intellectual tradations is a mystery to most outsiders. This vitality is a measure of the genious of a race that quintessence that sets a civilization apart. Avadhanam an intellectual discipline of highest order, is an offspring of the great indian tradation. It subjects the Avadhani's awareness, concentration, retentive and analytical power to the test. Avadhani has to acquire the capacity to let his mind dwelve on a variety of challenging and creative tasks set by questioners whose assigned role is to elevate the exercise to its highest potential.
Astavadhanam means simultaneous completion of eight intellectual and literary tasks set by eight questioners. Astavadhanam which is essentially an exercise in Telugu assumes a different format in Hindi. It is performed by an erudite scholar in the presence of a knowledgeble audience.
The tasks in the astavadhanam includes Dattapadhi, Nisiddhakshari, Chitrakshari, Vyastakshari, Varnana, Pushpa Ganana, Vara Ganana and Sarasa Samlap. The astavadhanam is deemed to have been completed successfully when the avadhani recounts correctly all the solutions in a final summation which is termed Uttara Bhag.
Hindi Astavadhani Dr. Chebolu Seshagiri Rao
is the first hindi scholar who performed successfully more than hundred Astavadhanms in Hindi in the various parts of India for the last thirty years. He is the author of several literary books namely Sunder Sapana, Mothinath, Balaji Chalisa, Abhisekh etc. He started and ran succefully a Hindi Literary Magazine called Dhara Dharana from a south indian city Rajahmundry. Dr. Rao hails from Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. He is the retired Reader in Hindi from Shri Kandukuri Veerasalinga Theistic Degree College, Rajahmundry.


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